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CG-Challenge - BOOM FREE SFX

boom sfx

The BOOM Library is part of DYNAMEDION, Europes biggest game audio studio. Our sound designers worked on great games like "The Settlers" series (Ubisoft), the "Anno" series (Ubisoft), the "Sacred" series (Deep Silver), Drakensang (Big Point), Alan Wake (Microsoft) and many many more.

When producing a new BOOM SFX Library, we put all our game and sound design expertise into the production process to ensure top quality and instant usability. Not only for game projects but for any project that needs to be boosted with a set of great SFX.

We're very proud to be part of the CG-Society game challenge and to get the opportunity to present our BOOM Library SFX to this great audience.

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  • Enjoy your new set of BOOM SFX and good luck for the challenge.
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