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Knights, the Cavalry, the Three Musketeers, Cowboys, Indians, Arnold Schwarzenegger in TRUE LIES: The cool guys sit on horses. Bring these animals to vibrant life with our extensive HORSES SFX library. You get 9 GB of high quality and royalty free SFX of countless horse voices, a mass of Foley sounds, pass-bys and steps in various gaits and different surfaces.

We recorded GALLOP, TROT, WALK on STONE, CONCRETE, DIRT, GRASS, GRAVEL, SAND, MUD & WOOD. The Foley contains sounds of BRIDLES, SADDLES, MOUNTING, UNMOUNTING and a lot more. All you need in one brand-new high quality SFX library.

One of the key features: We included a playable KONTAKT 5 instrument* that enables you to easily synch the Foley steps to your project. Scroll down and watch a tutorial to see how easy it is. With BOOM Library – HORSES, you’re ready for your next ride.

* No KONTAKT Player included. A full version of KONTAKT 5 is required.

Key Features
  • Library ships in 96/192 kHz, 24-bit High Definition Audio
  • Playable KONTAKT 5 instrument for horse steps
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Data Sheet / Track List

340+ files, +9 GB of data | 96/192kHz/24bit, WAV


Video - Tutorial 01

Video - Tutorial 02