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BOOM 2.0 Released


"Hello World!". After months of forging, we present to you our brand-new website. Say Hello to BOOM 2.0

We really changed a lot to make the browsing experience on our site even better. We overhauled the layout and worked a lot under the hood. Here are some of the changes that will make BOOM 2.0 the best website for experiencing the world of SFX:

New Feature Banner On The Homepage

Instantly see what's hot & new regarding BOOM SFX. See the latest products and specials in our big slider.

New Product Page Layout

Our new Products page is much much clearer. You see all our SFX libraries in the slider on the top of the page. Click on a SFX library to directly see what great sounds are waiting for you. All components of a bundle product are now arranged on one single page. Browsing the libraries is much easier and much faster.

New Store Layout

The new Store page is just awesome. The challenge was to get even more libraries on one page and to keep it clear, simple and intuitive. Hover over the bundle products on the left to instantly see what your pointing device is sitting on. Click on the images or on the library names to directly get to the corresponding product page. If you want to buy more than one library, you simply click the buy button, the item is added to your cart and you will stay on the store page to directly continue browsing great SFX. No "back button" or "continue shopping button" needed.

High Speed Downloads

The time of broken and slow downloads is over. We now offer incredibly reliable and fast downloads through a new network. The new downloads will now make use of your full bandwidth. We nkow that we really strained the nerves of some of you, especially when it came to downloading the 20GB CARS library :-)
We want to deeply apologize for all the inconveniences and we're sure that those kind of issues now belong to the past.

We're sure that you will like our new site and hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Enjoy browsing and don't forget to stop by during the advent days since we have much much more to show and to share with you.

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