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[TESTIMONIAL] Edward Bauman / Sound Designer

boomlibrary testimonial gregor arnold

We're always happy to hear directly from our customers why they like our BOOM products and which projects they used them in. Today we are happy to introduce you to sound designer Edward Bauman.

boomlibrary testimonial gregor arnold


(Gears of War 4, Finger Food Studios, Baumansound, Game Audio School)

"I discovered Boom Library in 2011 when I was searching for a large variety of sword types SFX for a project and came across the Medieval Weapons - Construction Kit library. Since then, Boom Library is hands down my favorite sound library maker in the market.
The quality of the source sounds for the construction kits are incredible. Crisp, wide frequency ranged, more then enough variations for each file (essential for game audio), clean, and sonically interesting. This combination of qualities is essential for the creation of unique sound design. The Designed versions are also very well thought and serve great inspiration for creating my own unique versions containing the exact same source elements. The very well thought naming convention and meta-data arrangement are also a huge plus for speeding up my workflow when I am quickly trying to find something when in a rush.

In Gears of War 4, I have used many Boom Library sources, including Sci-Fi, Magic, Destruction, Debris, Cinematic Trailers Pieces, and other nature packs that are included in our database. I have also used Boom Library sound effects in many TV commercials and movies I've worked on. Most recently, I've been using The Complete Boom Library for every SFX class I teach for the Brazilian online platform Game Audio School. Thanks for the excellent work, and looking forward to hear many more libraries in the future!"
- Edward Bauman

Thanks you very much for those insights Edward!

And thanks to you readers who let us know which awesome projects you are working on and how the BOOM library sounds are benefitting you.

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