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Obsidian is looking for a creative and technical sound designer with the capability to design and implement assets, and/or specialize in key audio systems in Irvine, California. Interested?

"Over the course of our 14 years in the industry, Obsidian has sold millions of units, won a ton of awards, and – above all – we've always put our players first in every decision we've made. Our titles require a unique audio landscape, and that's where you come in. The Senior Sound Designer will work closely with the audio and development teams to plan, design, and integrate high quality, engaging sound effects from the conceptual stage all the way through to polished engine integration." - Obsidian


  • 5+ years experience with multiple shipped AAA game titles
  • Possesses expert sound design skills with the ability to design, record, create, implement, mix, and master high quality and deeply engaging interactive sounds for a wide variety of subject matters and styles at a quality bar above industry standards
  • Constantly seeks ways to improve creative and technical processes, taking them to the next level through personal research and continued education
  • Establishes clear creative intentions through research, references, and documentation
  • Drives assigned tasks from concept to completion in a proactive manner, requiring minimal guidance or course correction
  • Fosters a positive work environment through comradery across the team by being an exceptional team player with strong collaborative and communication skills
  • Freely and easily accepts, seeks, and implements constructive feedback from other members of the team
  • Regularly communicates progress against schedule and isn’t afraid to ask for help when blocked or off track
  • Possesses strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks/projects simultaneously
  • Helps to mentor less senior audio designers by providing creative training, guidance, and feedback
  • A lifelong gamer with a passion for role playing games and interactive storytelling


  • Plan, research, create, implement, mix, and master AAA quality sound effects
  • Implement all types of sounds, music, and voice over using Wwise, Unity, and/or Unreal 4
  • Design, propose, document, and/or prototype new audio features as required, driving forward all initiatives from concept through to completion in a transparent and timely manner
  • Actively seek ways to improve audio tools and workflow pipelines
  • Work closely with Audio Director and strike team leads to meet or exceed project goals
  • Field record new assets and sound effects
  • Edit and process VO and/or music
  • Create and mix audio for cutscenes and marketing videos


  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant studies such as audio engineering
  • Post-production experience in other audio related fields such as television or film
  • Experience using Wwise, FMOD, Unity, and/or Unreal 4

If you are interested, please click HERE to apply online.

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