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The next three episodes of the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy podcast “The Indoorsmen” with BOOM Library sound effects and music by Sonic Liberty are here!

Once again the players went on epic adventures and spiced up their stories with a selection of BOOM Library sound FX. Dungeons and Dragons master Garrick Enright told us in which game situations he used our sounds. (If you are interested in some more information and episodes – then check out our “The Indoorsmen” article part one.)

Episode #38 "Roxanne"


18:00 – 19:00
Agnes makes her intentions clear as she presses a pistol against her captive’s temple.
Packs used: Sonic Liberty

21:30 – 27:00
Agnes releases her hostage and the music swells. She refers to her cat creatures as her ‘babies.’ This part of the story is a small arc revolving around the character Raine and since this is his story he gets the final say in what happens to Agnes and her cat-creatures, the result is brutal. After some story exposition Agnes screams and the heavy decision is highlighted with a great track from Sonic Liberty that reflects the effects on the team and players.
Packs used: Sonic Liberty – ominous drones. Close Combat – grabs, whooshes, grunts, and impacts. Magic – Static and Electric sound effects as the tubes are powered down. Cinematic Horror – Deep impact noise for impact.

28:30 – 32:00
Just a fun bit of improv coming from our bard. He’s talking through a walkie talkie to the police HQ (police are called The Shield). There is a subway sound effect that I created a while back that I reused. I don’t remember what all went into creating it. The group is met by a sea of reporters at the Shield outpost. One players makes a comment that will come up later in the show on the news. This moment is highlighted by a music track that I sounds like it’s played in reverse.

Exposition: The brothers, Taman and Evander, have had some bad blood brewing for a while and they finally deal with the issues. Evander lays everything out and are met with a woman running towards them screaming at the end of their dialogue.
Packs used: Magic – Flame noises as Taman tosses flares, magical lance flying down the alley Sonic Liberty – Great uplifted vocal track that highlights the significance of the scene. Nature – Bird flying in, raven squawks.

56:50 – 57:30
Our cleric discovers a radio where they hear a news broadcast about their previous actions. Just thought this was a fun element.
Packs used: There is a radio wave I think either came from the Magic pack or something I generated out of Audition. Sonic Liberty – I found this awesome cheesy news song :P

1:03:10 – 1:04:10
A battle starts between the girl in the alley and her pursuers, magic erupts and our players are dragged into the encounter. This starts off with some awful accents by yours truly, and is punctuated awesomely by a truly epic Sonic Liberty tack. By the way, Ryan Raynolds is Taman’s beast that he rides.
Packs used: Magic for the spells. Debris – Explosion mixed into the spell.

1:06:30 – 1:19:00
A warlock spell is cast. A dark orb radiates from under their feet eminitating ghastly whispers and tentaticles. This whole combat uses A LOT of magic effects from magic pack.
Packs used: Magic – The casting of the spell and the whispers that radiate from time to time. There are a lot of random noises integrated from the magic pack into tracks from the designed suite to customize them slightly. Creatures – Snarly warbly noise created for Ryan Raynolds. Close Combat – Taman’s punching, neck cracking, and vocal shouts at he beats up the baddies. Sonic Liberty combat tracks.

1:21:00 – 1:25:00
Exposition – The woman introduces herself and her baby brother that she was protecting from the bad guys. Her story mimics the Brother’s story. This is a set up for the next episode. I think the music really sets off the mood.

Episode #39 "Don't Go Jayce'n Waterfalls"


25:00 – 34:50
This section is the bulk of the expositon if you’re curious about story progression. (the gist of it is that they know the location of the thing they’ve been searching for and the gang will be given an airship and a special mission). This could have been highlighted better with some crowd noise, or angry walla track but I don’t have that pack :)

35:05 – 36:00
There is some commotion outside of the meeting room where some things are breaking and bodies are being thrown around as a new character is introduced. (the brothers have exited the story and the same players created new players)
Packs used: Close Combat – wooshes, grunch, impacts, and body falls. Debris – Broken glass. falling dishes, and a crashing wood sound effect and a body is hurled through a door. Medieval Weapons – I used a few siege weapon sound effects in combination with the crashing wood for the door to make it sound more mechanical. Highlighted with a prideful stinger from Sonic Liberty.

56:15 – 1:00:10 (One of my all time favorite scenes)
In this scene, Nerine, our cleric of a water God (serelia), is converting our fighter, Jayce, into a paladin. Jayce takes an oath and is then drown by Nerine a lake. It sounds pretty gruesome and the music makes it a really dramatic religious moment. Keep listening until i’m done with the wrap up, I let the music play out to tie it all together.
Packs used: Nature Essentials – Waves lapping against the shore. Magic – I used a lot of different liquid effects, splashing, bubbles, thrashing, to create the drowning. But outside of that I just let the music carry the emotion of the scene.

Episode #40 "Vertigo"


4:40 – 6:10
This is the conclusion to Jayce being drown in the previous episode. He doesn’t completely die. This is just a fun improv exchange that shows the usual demeanor of our podcast.
Packs used: Nature Essentials – Just used the water lapping on the shores again.

22:00 – 23:20
The music is replaced with a droning sound effect that increases in loudness the closer to the engine they get. The music slowly fades in as the wonder of it all starts to set in. The group floats up to the top of the airship by using magical disks as elevators.
Packs used: Cinematic Horror – elements of the airship droning came from the horror pack and were merged with droning effects from the magic pack. Magic – The floating disk is a series of distorted cloche noises and other flanged effects in the builder kit.

26:00 – 28:45
Everyone goes below deck to check out their new ship. The guide opens a magically sealed hatch, then escorts them back to the engine of the ship which drains their energy.
Packs used: Medieval Weapons – the impact and shink shink as the guide stamps on the the magically sealed hatch. Magic – The hum of the airship is pulled from the designed kit, it worked perfectly on its own so I didn’t mess with it.

30:30 – 32:00
The airship is launched for the first time at the underground lakes. You hear the waves lapping at the shore again as an ox drawn cart detaches the airship and lets it go for its maiden voyage. After a few words from the players the airship is powered off and it shoots forward over the underground lake on its way out.
Packs used: The Untethering: Nature Essentials – Waves lapping. Magic and Horror – engine droning. Medieval Weapons – Siege weapon noises like: rope tension, latches, and launching noises as the boat is released.

The Take off: The engine whirring noise is from the Magic pack and I believe had a horror noise mixed into it subtly, while the explosion of energy is driven by an explosion inside of the Debris pack. Lastly the Wind noise came from both Magic and Nature Essentials as the ship flies over the water, also the water came from the Nature pack.

32:20 – 33:30
The ship wrecks a little bit on its way out of the underground lake. It goes through a portal and is safely above ground.
Packs used: Magic – You hear a slight twinkling in the background, that’s the noise the light is making, also the portal sound effect came from merging two of the sfx from the Design magic pack together. Medieval Weapons – Siege lever as Jayce attempts to Pilot the vessel up the tunnel. Debris– I used several wood impact noises and gave them some reverberation as the wood scrapes on the rocks. The Sonic Liberty punctuates the freedom and momentous occasion.

38:20 – 41:00
The group makes a series of vehicles checks as they take their airship through the valleys of a mountain range when they rub up against the side of the mountain and send rocks falling onto a wyvern nest….
Packs used: Nature Essentials – Wind noises. Cinematic Horror + Magic for the ship humming. Debris – Rocks cascading down the side of the mountain. Creatures – The wyvern sound effects are Dragon Noises from the Creature Designed Kit.

42:45 – 45:003
One of the Wyverns get to attack first with is poisonous stinger tail!
Packs used: Creatures – Dragon attack noises. Magic – the subtle acid noise. Close Combat – The wooshing noise of its tail. Medieval Weapons – the impact of the armor noise.

48:00 – 49:00
A new weapon! We show off the longbow sound effects against a Wyvern!
Packs used: Medieval Weapons – longbow and arrow noises. Creatures – Dragon noise.

50:00 – 52:00
The Wyvern’s turn, it hits one player really well so I added some screaming noises from the Close Combat pack.

55:00 – 56:00
Our Barbarian smashed a Wyvern with his flail!
Packs used: Medieval Weapons for the impact noise and chain noise that came from a siege weapon. Close Combat for the smoosh noise and impact. Creature noise for Dragon screaming.

Our Bard casts an illusion spell that creates a fake dragon that blows fire at one of the Wyverns.
Packs used: Magic for the magical effects and gout of flame. Creatures – Dragon roars!

More arrows, and wyvern screams.

1:00:37 – 1:02:00
We fire a siege weapon and finally use the siege weapon sound effects as a siege weapon! One player fires a ballista and the other fires a net gun.

1:02:25 – 1:02:50
A wyvern shanks one of the players with its poison tail.

One of the Wyvern dies and collapses on the ship.
Packs used: Medieval Weapons – archery and shanking noises. Creature – Wyvern dying effects. Debris – Boom as the wyvern collapses on deck.

1:09:55 (this one is worth the listen)
Our brand new paladin tries out his brand new paladin powers and smites the Wyvern to death. On the second blow the wyverns head is cleaved cleanly from its shoulders, freezing instantly crashing to the ground and shattering.
Packs used: Magic – Icy noises and aura noises for the smite. Creature – Wyvern screams. Close Combat – the grunt noise and squish. Medieval Weapons – Sword Swoosh and impact noise. Debris – Glass, porcelain, and stone crashing noises used to make the head shatter as it impacts the deck of the ship. Cinematic Horror – Deep bass noise during the sword impact.

Big thanks to "The Indoorsmen" for highlighting and spreading the word about our SFX. It's our pleasure to be part of these adventures.

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