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After our call for competition in our BOOM Library advent calendar 2016 – Michael O’Connor was the lucky winner of our TRUCE backpack raffle that was behind the first advent calendar door. Today we want to show you if the handmade backpack (worth 350.00$US) really became a practical recording companion for Michael.

TRUCE builds resilient, fashionable and environmentally responsible bags and accessories for men and women. The great majority of the materials come from recycled or repurposed sources. In our BOOM advent calendar special we raffled a unique custom build backpack with an embroidered BOOM Library logo. In our BOOM Library raffle all participants had to comment our TRUCE backpack Facebook picture and let us know what dream equipment he/she would pack into the backpack for a recording trip.

Many of you joined the raffle and wrote some sensible and really entertaining answers to our question. To pick out a winner was a tough decision but at the end of the raffle the choice fell on Michael :-) Now Michael shows us whether the backpack really fulfills its purpose.

“The Truce backpack has seen a few excursions since I received it. I really love how simple yet efficient the backpack is. It has plenty of pockets that are useful for extra batteries and microphone accessories. Also, it fits my main recording setup perfectly (Sound Devices 744t + Sennheiser MKH30+40).” - Michael O'Connor

Session #1:
Michael was on a bike/recording session and showed us everything that fits inside the backpack. He managed to tuck his Sound Devices 744t in a Porta Brace Bag, a customized Rode Blimp (shortened a few inches), DT 770 headphones, stereo cable, spare battery and DPA4060s (not pictured here)


Session #2:
Michael was using the backpack at a Women’s March that took place on Los Angeles, CA on January 21st, 2017. Over 500,000 people showed up and he got some great crowd chants and cheers.


Thank you so much for the insights, Michael! It’s great to see that you enjoy the prize and that the TRUCE backpack supports you on your recording sessions :-) And to all other BOOM Library fans: The next raffle highlights will come!

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