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Traveller's Tales are looking for a Junior Sound Designer to join their audio team in Knutsford, England. Interested?

"At Traveller's Tales, we're seeking a highly skilled and motivated Junior Sound Designer to join our successful audio team in Knutsford. Our studio has enjoyed producing a plethora of varied LEGO movie tie-in titles over the years, therefore, the Junior Sound Designer should be ready to take on any genre, any theme and be able to react creatively to the challenges that arise. We are a fun loving, hardworking audio team that aims to deliver the most entertaining experience possible through sound.

You should be incredibly passionate about game sound design, always looking for ways to improve the sound and technology used within our games."
- TT Games

Main Responsibilities:

    Working with Sound Effects:
  • Creating SFX, from library or original recordings.
  • Implementing SFX - using Traveller's Tales bespoke editors.

    Working with Cutscenes:
  • Laying-out all audio assets (Music/FX/VO/Ambience) mixed in Surround-Sound.
  • Liaising with Animation department.

    Working with Music (whether bespoke, composed or licence):
  • Editing music files (all aspects), to make game-ready.

    Working with Voice-overs (VO):
  • Working with and editing localised VO.

    For all aspects of Audio:
  • Detailed knowledge of the most common DAWs and plugins.
  • The ability to adapt to new technology and game engine tools.
  • Awareness of Memory/Disc/ISO management.
  • Working with artists, animators and programmers in determining solutions to problems.
  • Assisting in testing audio on release platforms.
  • Working on multiple projects, simultaneously, according to priorities.

  • Additional tasks, as required.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • HND or above in a related Audio field or relevant Game Audio experience as to meet a similar technical level.
  • Excellent sound design skills with creative flare.
  • Professional understanding of Game Audio technology.
  • Good communication and organisational skills.
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines.
  • Must be pro-active.
  • Knowledge of audio middleware.

"The ideal candidate will craft an experience with their work, consider the flow of the game and above all, drive some unique aural experiences." - TT Games

To apply please provide a covering letter, CV and a link to your showreel and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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