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[TESTIMONIAL] Ivan Torrent / Composer • Producer for Media

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We're always happy to hear directly from our customers why they like our BOOM products and which projects they used them in. It's always a pleasure for us to read the replies and learn what the sound designers like about our libraries. This time Ivan Torrent shares his BOOM experience with us:

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"I must say that this is a really impressive release. I've been working with all your stuff in almost all my works in trailer and commercial music, but... wow... this is a step forward in my opinion. It sounds so clean, modern and punchy that I'm eager to have more stuff like this! lol :)
You're always my first choice to add punch and epicness to my music. So, please make more Cinematic Trailer volumes - There are never enough."
- Ivan Torrent

Thanks Ivan for those insights and taking the time!

And thanks to you readers who let us know which awesome projects you are working on and how the BOOM library sounds are benefitting you.

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