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Pinnacle College uses BOOM Library for video game sound design program

In 2009, Pinnacle College’s launched an innovative Sound Design and Music Production program with an emphasis in Video Game Audio.

With the goal of helping students build successful careers, Pinnacle College designed its new program from the ground up, with an innovative educational model that teaches and directs students to navigate the ever-changing world of Music Production, Music Composition, Sound Design, Recording and Mixing, and the various aspects of music and sound technologies.

A strong academic underpinning, coupled with a focus on hands-on training, affords the students the opportunity to be trained in premier labs, recording, and production studios, as a group and individually, while working with all types of linear and interactive media suitable for music production, film sound, TV, and video games. The instructors and staff are all passionate creative forces in the industry, which completes this setting with a very cool and artsy vibe.

The intent focus on Video Games and interactive audio gives the students a golden opportunity to be at the top of their game when it comes to understanding cutting edge audio production practices. When entering this exciting new world of music production and technology, this will allow them to fit virtually anywhere in the entertainment industry as music composers, re-mixers, producers, sound designers, recording engineers and much more.

Eitan Teomi, Director, Video Game Sound Design Program, Pinnacle College 

„When designing the Video Game Sound Design program at Pinnacle College it was clear to us that we need to provide our students with professional tools that will help them learn the various tasks quickly and effectively. We knew we needed to provide a solid sound effects library solution to our students which led me to the Boom Library.

I was immediately impressed by the products. The libraries are of very high quality, meticulously edited and organized, yet cost effective and user friendly. It is definitely a project of love and it found home within our unique program.

We use the Boom libraries as part of our core curriculum for sound design practices, sound replacement tasks and sound effects design and it makes the learning experience neater and more efficient.“

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