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[PICS] ASSAULT WEAPONS - Weapons & Microphones

Assault Weapons Microphone Setup

The 25 weapons of our extensive ASSAULT WEAPONS SFX library were recorded with more than 60 microphones that were positioned around the shooter and also directly attached to the shooter and the weapon. The ASSAULT WEAPONS CONSTRUCTION KIT comes with 18 well-selected channels. Read on to see the weapons we recorded and a detailed MIC-Setup of the 18 channels showing the microphones types that we used and the distance to the shooter.


DPA 4062 - attached to the weapon
2x Sennheiser MKH 416 - Dual Mono Shotgun
2x Heil P30 - A/B Cardioid
2x Sennheiser MKH 8040 - A/B Cardioid
2x Microtech Gefell M300 - Wide A/B Cardioid
2x Schoeps CCM - M/S
2x Neumann RSM 191 - M/S
Sennheiser MKH 416 - Mono Shotgun
2x Sennheiser MKH 418 - M/S
2x AKG C414 - M/S


AK 47 - Draco Pistol

AK 47 - Krinkov

Photo by Roman Stepanov / CC BY

AK 47 Short Barrel

AK 74

FN FAL Short Barrel

FN FAL Regular

Photo by Esquerrora / CC BY

FN F2000

Heckler&Koch HK53

Heckler&Koch MP5

Photo by Samuli Silvennoinen / CC BY

Heckler&Koch HK416

Photo by Dybdal / CC BY

L96 A1

Grenade Launcher M203 (attached to an Assault Rifle)

M14 E2

M16 16in

M16 20in

Photo by Dragunova / CC BY


M24 E1


Photo by Heavennearth / CC BY


Photo by Phantic / CC BY

Remington 700P

Photo by Sepp45 / CC BY

Remington 700


SIG SG552 Commando

Photo by Rama / CC BY

Steyr AUG

Photo by Steyr Mannlicher / CC BY

Uzi 9mm

Uzi .45

ASSAULT WEAPONS will be pre-released next week. Stay tuned for some audio demos...

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