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We gladly announce the release our new SFX library: “Birds Of Prey”! Various majestic hunters captured in high-end sound recordings, ready to set free your ideas and future projects – The Sky ain't the limit

“Birds Of Prey” is a sound collection full of extraordinary raptors: buzzards, cranes, eagles, falcons, goshawks, vultures, owls and more. The wildlife of the skies represents itself with calling, chirping, shrieking, cawing, screeching, growling and other unique bird voices. Whether aggressive or social, anxious or relaxed, melodic or irregular - get ready for a concert of the remarkable! The collection offers more than 3.6 GB and 160 files of high-quality material, ready to be heavily processed without having to fear loss of quality.

“Birds Of Prey” is your access to higher levels of sound setting. It contains lots of different characteristics of the majestic hunters, all aiming to enrich and enlarge your possibilities.

Order your copy now and benefit from our release discount of 20% until May 10th, so you only pay a reduced total price of 119,20€!

Click here to get to the product page and listen to some demos and take a look at the track list.

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