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"Check out our brand-new SFX library TRAINS. It comes loaded with +16GB of high quality train SFX and for the first time also as optional 5.0 surround edition.

It includes sounds from almost any type of train and engine. Heavy freight trains, old and modern passenger trains with electric, steam and diesel engines. The interior recordings were made on different locations such as the cockpit, the wagons, engine rooms, cabins, and even the restrooms. SFX from the outside contain drive-bys, departing and arriving trains, wheels, horns, grinding, rattling, squeaking, clacking, coupling, braking, air releases, and much more!

TRAINS comes on 4 DVDs and as instant download. As always, delivered in high quality with 96kHz / 24-bit.


50% of the TRAINS SFX library were recorded with a double M/S surround microphone setup. The surround version of our TRAINS library gives you all the sounds from the stereo version plus additional 33GB surround sounds to design great surround train ambiences with ease. To see which sounds come in 5.0 surround, please take a look at the data sheet. All sounds are delivered in high quality with 96kHz / 24-bit. The files come in unencoded double M/S and encoded 5.0 surround.

Click here to get to the product page with an audio demo and the track list of the library.

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